The Secretariat of Forest Tourism Chapter of China Forestry Industry Association

Secretariat of branch locates at CIFTS who mainly responsible for the works such as conducts work with the assistance and cooperation of relevant departments, involves in the research of industry standards, improves self-discipline of industry, organizes the information exchange, collecting, sorting and analysis in industry, to provide legal and business information consulting for the member units, reflects member voices, safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of members, so as to enhance the cohesion of the industry. It organizes discussion meeting and other relevant meetings and relevant work from other tourism branch.It has organized several forest tourism seminars successively since founded in 2008. Participate in compiling “The present situation and development countermeasure of China forest tourism” and “The white paper on industry integrity of China forestry industry”, released the annual report on China forest tourism. And to develop China digital information platform of forest tourism with cooperation of Nanjing Jinling University of Science and Technology, etc.

Forest tourism branch staff sincerely hopes that working close with the national forest tourism colleague and social friends from all sectors and jointly promote the prosperity and development of forest tourism in our country.

Chairman of the forest tourism branch units of Chinese forestry industry association

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Vice chairman of forest park branch of Chinese Society of Forestry

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