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Fishery Business

Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Group Co., Ltd. holds the exclusive breeding and fishing operation right of about 533.33 km2. Annually, it puts in 600,000 kg of aristichthysnobilisgingerling and harvests about 3 million kg. The combined fishing method of “blocking, driving way, stabbing and spreading the fish net” has won the achievement reward in the National Science Conference. Besides, the company has researched and developed new devices and new techniques, including perforated ships, fishing up devices and professional marmites, of which 14 have gained the patents. “Qiandao Lake Huge Net Fishing: An Unique Skill of the Chinese Nation” has become China’s famous leisure fishering brand and many party and national leaders have visited here. Currently, the company has established a complete industrial chain integrating breeding, managing and protecting, fishing, selling, processing, cuisine, traveling and scientific researches, with water preservation as the prerequisite, relying on technology and led by culture. Now, it has formed an ecological fishery operation with the characteristics of Qiandao Lake, and is reputed as a paragon of China’s lake (reservoir) ecological fishery operation.

The company has passed the dual international certification of ISO9001/14001 quality and environment management system. Dozens of “Chun” brand fish species in Qiandao Lake, including silver carps and bighead carps have been certified by Organic Food Development Center (OFDC) as organic foods. “Chun” brand organic aristichthysnobilis has passed the label registration of national original production place. “Chun” brand organic fishes were rated by the Ministry of Agriculture as China’s first batch of famous agricultural products. The trademark of “Chun” brand (organic fishes) was identified by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC) as one of China’s famous trademarks, thus making “Chun” brand the first live fish famous trademark. For the past years, the company has subsequently won the honor of “National Agriculture Standardization Demonstration Park” “National Agricultural and Tourism Demonstration Site” “National Organic Food Production Base” and so on.

Through the brand marketing strategies of direct selling, direct operating, regional franchised selling and price unification, the company has been actively enhancing the building of national ecological agricultural products sales network and has succeeded in establishing cooperation relationship with more than 230 hotels and restaurants in 23 cities and provinces, with its services and products entering Party School of the CPC Central Committee, National Government Offices Administration Bureau of the State Council, Great Hall of the People, Zhongnanhai Compound and other important places.